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        Welcome to Jinan Fisher Chemical Co., Ltd.,

        中文版 | ENGLISH

        Popular: 3-Hydroxybenzaldehyde , Butadiene monoxide , Benzofurazan , 1,5-Hexadiene bicyclic oxide , 


        We can do the reaction:

                     1.Wittig Reaction
                     2.Grignard Reaction 
                     3.Sonogashira Coupling Reaction
                     4.Suzuki Coupling Reaction    
                     5.Ullmann Reaction 
                     6.Sandmeyer Reaction 
                     7.Sodium borohydride  Reduction
                     8.Clemmensen Reduction
                     9.Wolff-Kishner-hunag Reaction
                     10.Friedel-Crafts Reaction 
                     11.Diels-Alder Reaction
                     12.Hydrogenation Reaction
                     13. Halogenation  Reaction

        Custom products from kilograms to the tonnage level to meet your needs.

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